My Christmas

•December 13, 2008 • 4 Comments

I will not be celebrating Christmas this year. No worries. I haven’t celebrated it since the day I was born. That’s because I dont believe the Christmas story that Jesus, the son of God was born that day.

I don’t believe Jesus was the son of God but only a regular prophet. Like all the Prophets that came before and after him.

I respect Jesus Christ just like Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) and I plan to spend the 24th to 26th of December just like any other day.

I know that the spirit of christmas is giving, caring, sharing and being with your family but i don’t believe we need to appoint one day for that. We can do the same all year round.

Christmas is not for me.

And I hope people realize it’s not for anyone as it is based on something false.


At the beginning, Paul was a staunch opponent of prophet
Jesus and remained so for many years after his ascension. When he
did join the followers of Jesus later on, he initiated many
alterations in the teachings of Jesus in hopes of winning over
the Gentiles (non-Jewish people). He introduced the following
concepts into Christianity:

1. the concept of Jesus as son of God;
2. Jesus died on the cross to wash eternal sins of Adam’s
children through his blood; and
3. the Law of Torah was renounced. He eliminated all regulations
concerning food and abrogated the injunctions of circumcision.

The real followers of Jesus opposed these blatant
misrepresentations of the message of Jesus. Their struggle to
reject the notion of Divinity of Jesus continued for about two
hundred years. Since these alterations were very appealing to the
Gentiles, the true believers were unable to stop the misguidance.

In 325 C.E., a council of Christian leaders met at Nicaea
and officiated Paul’s beliefs as their religion. Roman Empire
declared Paul’s religion as the religion of the State and all
those books which denied these beliefs were banned. In 367 C.E.,
the State announced a list of books acceptable to it and fifteen
years later, a council held under the presidency of Pope Damasius
gave its approval to these books. At the end of the fifth
century, Pope Galasius published a list of unauthorized books
(Apocryphal) to further conform with Paul’s religion of


The Holy Quran also rejects the claim that Jesus was killed on
the cross.

4:157 That they said (in boast), “We killed Christ Jesus the
son of Mary, the Apostle of God”; but they killed him not, nor
crucified him, but so it was made to appear to them, and those
who differ therein are full of doubts, with no (certain)
knowledge, but only conjecture to follow for of a surety they
killed him not.
4:158 Nay, God raised him up unto Himself; and God is Exalted
in Power, Wise.
4:159 And there is none of the People of the Book but must
believe in him before his death; and on the Day of Judgment He
will be a witness against them.

Based on the statements of Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.),
Muslims believe that Prophet Jesus will return to earth at a time
when Muslims will be in a dire need of a leader. He will not
initiate a new religion but rather obey the Holy Quran and the
teachings of Prophet Muhammad and lead Muslims to victory over
the disbelievers.


We note that the Holy Quran refers to Jesus as ‘Jesus ibn
Maryam’, i.e., Jesus son of Mary. It is in contrast to the common
usage in which children are referred to by their father’s name
and not by their mother’s name. He is not a son of God. The
following chapter from the Holy Quran explains the position of
Islam in absolute terms:

SAY: “God is Unique!!
God, the Source [of everything].
He has not fathered anyone
nor was He fathered, and there
is nothing comparable to Him!”
(Chapter 112)


The Day I dread

•November 19, 2008 • 2 Comments

It shook and it shook, The ground it all shook
There you were standing. You didnt even look
Or alarmed
You carried on with all you usually would
Why didnt you notice? The world

It was collapsing
Why couldnt you see it all happening?
Hurry we need to fix this, that and that
Just go do something; what are u staring at?
I could be wounded or long gone, already decaye
Why won’t you see? Go get a spade
You need to bury me or help If I’m alive
Panic, fear and Surprise. Are you blind?
You’re blind
You’re blind
You have gone blind

You can see me devastated, see me dead
What will you do about it? Will you try and help?
You just close your eyes and pretend to be oblivious instead
Everything is fine cuz ur content, happy, well fed
Everybody’s okay cuz thats what the others said



I dread

The day you will realize what you did
By not doing anything
You just sat and watched until the poison
It all spread
That day I will dread
Since that is the day you will finally try and help
But you will be too late
I will have escaped
the clutches of life and embraced death
You will shout as I take my dying breath.

Walking Corpse

•October 7, 2008 • 4 Comments
As you stare into her eyes, a little closer
You notice something missing;
The passion, the fire
It’s what you’ve been trying to decipher
Why has her gaze gone cold?
Her smile sadder, darker?

She makes her way through the crowd
Walking just like everyone around
But try as she may she won’t fit in
Because she’s drowned in fate, in sin
She is a walking corpse
A soul-less body
You can’t help her, no.
She’s a lost cause, hopeless really

She does have some pals, friends, companions
Though when it comes to solitude
She’s the undisputed champion
All day she’s hounded, surrounded
What you don’t know is how she’s isolated, alone
Seclusion and despair, one of the many things unexpected.

The next time you lie down to sleep
Prick your ears up, listen close and deep
If you do you might just her hear wail and scream
But she knows you won’t
You’ll just be spinning another dream
There goes the walking corpse, battered and bruised
She can’t be healed. She’s been used
Too many times. Thrown away to the mercy
The mercy of the wolves.

Dark Betrayal

•September 27, 2008 • 2 Comments

Around all the around the angels gather

Her dread grows as the dagger of your words falls against her heart

It slays her and darkly

Her blood drips

To the wicked earth that is her prison

In pain she calls your name

And death’s shadow takes her hand

Now alone, her love falls upon darkened eyes

This will be because of you player

Betrayal, sweet, dark betrayal.


•January 12, 2008 • 7 Comments

One more rap. And this ones written from the heart. Here you go. Enjoy and dun get sad. LOL.


Open my eyes for the millionth time and I sigh
Stare at the clock and watch the seconds tick by
I just can’t sleep no matter how hard I try
The curtains pulled back but it’s the same outside
Its dark on the other side and I know the reason why
An hour past midnight, time just won’t fly

What’s wrong with you Maryam why you still awake?
I dun know what to say. What could be the reply?
Take a deep breath; yes think of a reason why
I can’t figure it out. I’ll just have to fake
That I slept all night; I’m not even awake.

Hot bath, Fruit, Milk and Pills
Nothings working anymore, the night’s so still
It creeps me out to think what lurks inside
The shadows, the corners, the covers of the night
Why are you so silly Maryam you used to be so brave?
Give up this paranoia your digging your own grave.

Sit up and look around, my world spins like a ball
Why don’t you just end this once and for all?
The pills are right there a few dozen would do the trick
It’ll be silent and easy. Really very quick.
Pills in my hand, Could it be so easy as this?
Snap out of it idiot, you’re not a coward prick
My stomach lurches and the pills fall in
Back in the jar; what were you thinking?

Another deep breath and I pull the covers up
Throw the jar away, back to square one
What’s wrong with you Maryam why you still awake?
I dun know what to say. What could be the reply?
Take a deep breath; yes think of a reason why
I can’t figure it out. I’ll just have to fake
That I slept all night; I’m not even awake

Funny when everyone else will desert
God still stays by my side
He’s there when I sleep and He’s there each night
I remember him when I’m happy so how could I forget
Him when I’m scared, or full of regret
So I raise my palms and I cover my head
God please help me, give me happiness instead
Of all this pain. I’m tired. I need rest.
Where’s my reward? I think I passed your test.


•January 6, 2008 • 2 Comments

Hellow people. Im back with some brand new poetry! Check it out.


Try as I may I cant remember them at all
Those angels I musta seen when i was born
I think Id smiled but i just cant recall
Their faces or their names; nothing at all

So how could i have know when you entered?

How could i have known when i never remembered?

Their faces or their names nothing at all

Known that you were one of them my love

What I have lost

•December 27, 2007 • Leave a Comment

People I am back on track with some more poetry/ rap. Id written the following a long while ago.. but was workin on em more, making them a tiny bit less explicit so everyone can read them n u dont get disoriented. So i removed all the F and S words (:P) which i had jotted down with such anger and despair when i was writing this.

Here you go. Hope you can relate:


I realize now, pen in hand
How difficult it is for some to understand

That I had less before
But I have lost some more

And even though theres not much
They wont get it cuz they cant see. Such
fear that invades me,
The solitude that prevails.
I cant decide
what to show to you
whatever to hide

Yes Im losing my sanity
And I hope that i leave peacefully
But thats not where it ends
And you wont get it cuz you cant see.Such
fear that invades me,
The solitude that prevails.
I cant decide
What to show to you
Whatever to hide
I blame noone for their lack o comprehension
If i were you Id probably tell me to seek redemption
For the sins that Ive committed and those that await
I question my beliefs and i curse my fate

Not because i had less before
But because I have lost some more.